Joining Accountserve as a temporary trainee, I had never expected a short period of 6 months to transpire into my fundamental education in practical accounting. From one who could not tell the difference between debit and credit, my colleagues and managers nurtured me into one who was relatively proficient with handling a set of accounts. They shared their knowledge with me generously and gradually provided me lessons along each accounting job. Work was assigned based on progress and my manager plotted my schedule with continual assessment of how fast I was learning on the job. I made many mistakes along the way but my colleagues were all tolerant and never failed to provide countless encouragements. The managers whom I worked with were also very receptive to ideas and always seek to expand my learning horizon. One example was how I was tasked to work on a client whose accounts were done up in an excel spreadsheet so I could get a better sense of how the general ledger was linked with accounts payable and receivable modules. A few months into my job, my colleagues started giving me greater freedom and responsibility in terms of handling a full set of accounts. This inculcated a sense of ownership in my work and I was challenged to meet their expectations.

In general, the culture at Accountserve emphasizes quality. Focus and promotes continuous learning. This however does not take away the warmth and friendliness in the office. Everyone is always ready to lend a helping hand and nothing demonstrates this better than the act of sharing work when one colleague falls ill for a couple of days.

Managers on the other hand never seek to impose any authority. Many times, I was encouraged to give my own opinions despite my inexperience and they would sincerely consider them before advising me on their view. From that I saw, outside the technicalities of accounting, what was essential to the efficient functioning of Accountserve-communication.

My time at Accountserve has been extremely rewarding. Not only have I learnt essential accounting skills, I have also built friendships and take away with me many indelible memories. For all that, I sincerely thank my managers and colleagues for making my stay a fabulous one.

Yours Sincerely

Xue Jing Cong