At the beginning of the attachment, it was tough for me to adapt working in a fast-paced accounting firm. I took about a month to adapt to the people, the culture and the work at AccountServe.

I consider the twenty-three weeks of my vacation training at AccountServe a fulfilling one because AccountServe gives me great exposure and hands-on experience of doing accounts on my own and finalising a small set of accounts when I was ready for it.

At the end of my internship, I’ve learnt beyond what I think I am supposed to learn before I was posted to AccountServe.

During the intern evaluation on my work performance that was requested by Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I was offered a position with the firm. After much consideration, I decided to take up the position as an assistant.

To sign-on for two years with the firm took a lot of consideration. The reasons that made me feel that I wanted to continue working in AccountServe were because the firm provides a cosy working environment. The department as a whole works harmoniously and my colleagues were helpful and very approachable when I needed help from them. All the factors above are what I wanted to have when I stepped into the corporate world. Thus, there are no reasons why I should miss the opportunity when I got the chance to work here.

Lastly, I looked forward to the next chapter of my life starting from 1st September 2008 officially working in Stone Forest AccountServe as a permanent full-time staff.

Yours Sincerely

Toh Choon Sin, Serene