I always have the perspective that attachment is nothing but to do simple job, not related to our studies and a job that will not really give us a good learning experience.

Prior to my attachment I did not really think much of the job scope; I have been thinking that since I am attached to an accounting firm, I will not be given much opportunity to learn. I have always been thinking that I will only be doing data entry and any other simple administration job.

On the first day of my attachment I was given a brief explanation on the job scope and what I will be doing during my stay in the company, the explanation changed my view of internship.

During the first month of my attachment I have to learn to adapt to a new environment, it seems hard at first however with the help of my seniors and manager I adapted quite fast. On the other hand, the seniors are willing to teach and help me when I encountered problems in doing the accounts.

The attachment has been a great learning experience for me because I got to learn how to do cash management, issue DO and Invoices and the most important things is that I have been given the opportunity to learn and prepare full set of accounts.

I am aware that the company has training programs one of which is on GST. However I did not expect that an attachment student will be given the opportunity to attend. This is really a good learning experience as the GST that I have learnt in school did not really apply in the real situation.

At the end of my attachment I was offered a full time job, I accepted the job. There are factors that I have considered before taking the full employment. This is because the company gives me a good opportunity to learn and take away valuable experience.

Last but not the least, there is a good balance between work and having fun because of the present recreation club.

Yours Sincerely

Rita Koh