I was under employment with Stone Forest Accountserve from 27 March 2006 to 9 May 2008.

Accountserve provides excellent training for graduates who wish to pursue their careers in accounting as they provide on the job training and great learning opportunities. You will be able to handle a variety of accounts of different industries under your portfolios, which will give you exposure and enhance your learning.

Accountserve provides continuous training to staff to keep them up-to-date with changes. The training sessions helped staff to keep abreast with latest changes in the economy.

Accountserve values their staff well being too. They have organized retreats for staff to help build cohesiveness and rapport at team and department level.

During my stay in Accountserve, they have inculcated in me strong values such as taking pride in your own work, as well as given us opportunities to grow in our own different ways.

A challenging career awaits you!

Quek Wei Sze