When I get to know that I will be posted to AccountServe, my expectations from this attachment were to see what full sets of accounts actually meant and to have an overview of what an accounts department does.

During the attachment, I enjoyed the time spent with my colleagues and the company activities organised on some Saturdays. On my first day of attachment in this company, I never expected I would do XBRL filing which I had only one lesson in school. At first, I do not really know what XBRL filing really was and I only knew it has a taxonomy that can read financial statements. However, I get to learn more about XBRL filing during the attachment. I also get to learn cash management, partial accounts and small set of accounts.

Towards the end of the attachment, I was offered a full time job in the company. I signed the 2-year bond in this company after some consideration as I know that this is an opportunity and good starting point for me.

It met my expectations as I had gained more knowledge not only from what I know from school but also new knowledge such as handling inter-personal issues and responsibilities at work.

Yours Sincerely

Chan Oi Ling, Irence