We are constantly on the lookout for good people - people who subscribe to our philosophy, are technically competent and can align with our culture. We offer the capable and ambitious a fast track career (not merely just another employment) to the top. On the other hand, we also accommodate valuable staff who prefer a more balanced lifestyle by working out with them work arrangements that match their interests, hours and expectations. You choose how far you want to go.


Qualities We Look For

We recruit 'A' candidates - those with a good Attitude. ‘A’ grades are secondary to us, as we believe that candidates with the right attitude can be nurtured and developed to their full potential. Our value system is built into our recruitment mechanism, where we try to size up if you have the make-up of an AccountServe persona.

If you are keen on being a part of AccountServe or wish to find out more about a career with us, please visit our CLSF Careers microsite or email your CV or questions to us.

We are currently looking for:


Stone Forest Accountserve Pte Ltd ACCA Approved Employer Gold Level

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