CFO2SME™ is an innovation from Stone Forest to cater to the needs of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) for affordable financial expertise.

A growing SME can generally benefit a great deal from the expertise of a trained and experienced financial person who is closely involved in the business, someone akin to a Chief Financial Officer in larger setups. Such expertise however often comes at a high price to the growing enterprise. Very often, the business may also not be ready for a full-time executive, operationally or financially.

Professional Care of Your Organisation's Financial Health

CFO2SME™ brings this advantage to SMEs. The entrepreneur can now feel assured that the financial health and well-being of his business is taken care of professionally, on a continual basis, or periodically. He will be alerted in time to any hazards, which we can help to mitigate, or to any opportunities that he can tap to improve his business profitability.

Like Having a CFO of Your Own?

Our pool of CFO2SMEs™ operate like they are the clients' CFOs, providing an involvement in the business to the extent that is comfortable for the client. Depending on your needs, we can be engaged on a permanent, periodic or ad-hoc basis to meet specific objectives.

We are able to help strengthen clients' operational and financial functions via various aspects of financial management. Our Model for Growing Businesses offers an integrated and holistic approach to managing a growing business with the key objective of profit and cash flow improvement, the foundation for business success.

Our Services under CFO2SME™ include:

  • Profit Improvement
  • Working Capital Consulting
  • Financial Management
  • Business Planning
  • Review and Evaluation of Accounts
  • Budget Preparation & Variance Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Management Reporting
  • Review of Key Performance Indicators
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Loss Control
  • Tax Management
  • Working Capital Management
  • Loans Management
  • Profitability Enhancement
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Business and Strategy Planning
  • Succession Planning

SMEs are often short on resources when difficulty strikes, for example, when the accountant leaves, or when cash flow is strained. We are able to help support the businessman to manage the change process and recover with minimal disruption to operations.

We will be involved in various roles depending on the situation, from reviewing the debt position, managing debtors, creditors and staff to assisting in credit control, and managing any transitional upheavals.

Business Crisis Resolution: AccountServe deploys the Most Senior Staff

We deploy only the most senior and experienced staff to these assignments as they demand a high level of technical, interpersonal, negotiation and diplomacy skills.

Case Study for Business Crisis Management:

An Accountant Walks Out

The SWAT Accounting team springs into action at short notice to attend to non-routine accounting work requiring a quick turnaround. Speed is of the essence.

Clients are often referred to SWAT Accounting from banking, corporate finance and litigation professionals who require financial statements at short notice.

In SWAT Accounting, we help to:

  • Clear accounting backlog and "messy" accounts
  • Prepare financial statements to meet audit deadlines
  • Expedite preparation of financial statements for urgent submission to banks & financial institutions
  • Reconstruct accounts from incomplete records
  • Crunch numbers in preparatory work for Initial Public Offer assignments

Case Studies of SWAT Accounting