inSights is an online dashboard that lets business owners like you know how your business is performing at a glance. Through the use of data visualization, the dashboard focuses on key performance indicators ("KPIs") relevant to your trade. It simplifies financial and non-financial data to reveal opportunities and uncover insights that help you make strategic and operational business decisions quickly and confidently.

Focus on key performance indicators
inSights helps you focus on important and measurable KPIs that track how your business is performing. Where industry benchmarks are available, inSights lets you compare your performance against peers’ in the market.

Make better decisions, faster
Look beneath the surface and zoom in on financial data from specific areas of your business. inSights helps identify underperforming or problem areas so you can address them before they swell into major hurdles that obstruct growth.

Set goals and track your progress
Our advisors can work with you to set KPIs for your business and monitor your performance to keep you on track. They will highlight aspects of your business that are working well and bring your attention to areas that need to be improved. 

Leverage data science to drive positive business outcomes

Discover useful
Formulate data-driven business plans

Validate your
Plan and track
your growth
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